Bell 407

The 407. Air supremacy.


Chrome-plated exhaust pipes not yet standard. The full integration of speed, performance and maneuverability. Reliable beyond measure.
Outfitted with a spacious cabin that seats up to seven, configurable for an array of tasks and payloads. Composite dynamic components and unmatched rotor authority for an incredibly smooth ride in virtually all conditions.
The 407 is the first choice of those who put performance first.


407 Highlights

  1. Superior performance with the best speed, payload and range available in its class.

  2. Superior power to weight ratio.

  3. Exceptional passenger comfort with the smoothest ride in its class and wide-open club seating for unparalleled visibility.

  4. Pilot-friendly attributes such as a twist grip throttle on the collective and a FADEC for the engine.

  5. The high performance, combat proven, composite dynamic components of the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior for unmatched handling.

Increased power and decreased noise are no longer incompatible.
The 407's sophisticated engine and composite rotor ensure a smooth ride and drastically quieter operation.
After all, you don't always have to yell to make a statement.

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