Robinson R66 Turbine

The Robinson R66 is a new five seat turbine powered helicopter to be produced by Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC).

The R66 is intended to be somewhere between Robinson’s four seat piston powered R44 Raven II and a Bell 206 JetRanger in terms of performance

The R66 will retain many proven design features of current Robinson aircraft including a two-bladed rotor, T-bar cyclic, and the same open cabin configurtion found in the R44.

Seating will accommodate two adults in the front and three in the back.
New to the R66 is a dedicated baggage compartment large enough to hold golf clubs or a professional chain saw and tools

RHC has selected the Rolls-Royce Model 300 as the R66’s power plant.
Developed in consultation with Robinson, and optimized for the R66, the model 300 is a modern derivate of the Rolls-Royce Model 250 line.

The new model coincides with takeoff power rating of the 300-shaft horsepower.
This takeoff rating is lower than for the Model 250 line, resulting in lower turbine temperatures that will allow a 2000 hour TBO of the turbine to match the 2000 hour airframe overhaul planned for the R66, a minimum standard on all Robinson products.

We can start to accept the first orders, serial numbers and delivery times will be announced as soon as the FAA certification is finished (EASA certification to follow shortly after FAA acceptance)

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